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gold edged kyanite rings

There’s something about the deep greens, teals, and blues, rugged edges and gold detailing that I just love about this ring. No rhyme, no reason.
I just do.

At first this pendant seems so chic and simple, the cool grey toned stone clashes perfectly with the warm gold fixtures but when this piece hits the light at just the right angles it literally glows the most beautiful violet blue.

Literally meaning non-binary, this set comes with three distinct masculine leaning erogenous scents. Perfect for switching up and trialling scents, plus such a seductive design in our handmade jars.

Loved for there versatility the sodalite rings can be removed from these huggies for a simple look and can even be added to larger hoops, or hung on a chain like our malachite column and labradorite beads.

The perfect pair of helping hands for any small items that may go missing, I have even hung rings on the thumbs previously. Plus the matte black hands with vivid leafing make for such a sultry piece.

If you’ve ever yearned for a go to piece, that goes with any outfit and can not take away from or clutter a look. This. Is. The. Piece. For. YOU.
Instantly your outfit looks thought, purposefully put together and luxe.

All our candles are completely natural made from soy wax and scented with essential oils but this scent specifically brings back joyous childhood nostalgia, with a citrusy scent that will have you picking your brain, I remember this smell from somewhere?

When I was a kid my mum had crucifix attached to a figaro chain.
This piece gives the classic figaro chain design a twist, with a choker length and a ultra realistic floral clasp.

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